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We are glad to welcome all BMW owners to our website.


BMW is one of the most popular brands because of its reliability and security. But your BMW needs all the time constant service by qualified experts who know all the technical features of BMW.

Our BMW auto repair services dealing both private and corporate clients, offering a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of any BMW.

In  Carstars Garage you can always get a free diagnosis and analysis of your BMW car condition. We are using original BMW spare parts and consumables, and non-genuine high-quality BMW parts from leading manufacturers.

Diagnosis and BMW repair using original spare parts

We start BMW Services first of all with a preliminary diagnosis that allows discover defects and malfunctions that have forced you to contact us. We are performing BMW computer diagnosis and detecting all trouble codes stored in BMW computer memory.

Our equipment allows us to identify quickly all the failures in your BMW, which might give you trouble in the future. A common problem in BMW is electrical parts failure and breakage. Even the smallest voltage output may break the electronic system of BMW. Our experts will quickly identify the exact fault in your BMW.

Diagnosis of the electronic part of the BMW

Along with that Carstars Garage, the BMW repair service center can also test the airborne electronic systems of BMW and make repair electronic units. Our task is to bring the electronics of your BMW into compliance with the standards. If necessary, also correct speedometers and BMW control units.

We recommend you the following services of our BMW repair service center:

BMW diagnosis before buying

By connecting a computer to your BMW during the diagnosis we accurately determine the state of the electronics of the purchased BMW. The computer is also checking the chassis and allows you to troubleshoot the suspension of the BMW. We will lift up the car to detect all chassis and undercarriage problems, also we will perform a car paint check.

We guarantee 100% troubleshooting of the engine and suspension of BMW in the shortest time.

BMW body repair and paint

Our specialist can repaint or renew the color of any BMW, it will look like a brand-new car. In our BMW workshop, you can make full body polish, BMW dents removal, window tinting services, and much more.

Diagnosis of BMW engine operation system

BMW’s engine needs constant monitoring of its condition. We guarantee fast to hold a quality check of the engine. If necessary, replace worn parts of BMW with new ones.

Dear clients, please note that we have never done any work without permission and coordination with you!

We will make all efforts to extend the life of your BMW as long as possible!

BMW (Bayerisch Motoren Werke AG) is one of the most popular, easily recognized, and well-known automotive brands in the world, headquartered in Munich.

Did you know that the history of the brand begins in far 1917, when Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto founded a plant for the production of aircraft engines on the eve of the First World War. However, after the end of the war, according to the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans could no longer produce airplane engines, and enterprising Karl and Gustav took a course to create motorcycles. In 1923, the first R32 motorcycle was created and immediately broke all speed records in international motorcycle races in the period 1920-1930 and proved its reliability.

In 1933, the production of 303-model with M78 engine of the first BMW car was launched —  with a 6-cylinder engine and a radiator enclosure, called as “nostrils” of BMW, without which no current model design from this corporate group can do today.

In 1936, the well-known «328» was produced, which stunned the world with its avant-garde technological innovations and the M328 engine. With this model, the company became so famous that all subsequent cars with the corporate two-color badge were perceived as a symbol of high quality, reliability and beauty.

The beginning of the Second World War forced to leave the development of cars and return to aircraft construction. Already in 1944, BMW was the first in the world to launch the production of the jet engine of BMW 109-303. The end of the war was a disaster for the corporate group. Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto decide to return to motorcycle production and develop the R24 1-cylinder motorcycle. The first post-war model «501» with the M337/1, M337/2, M337/3, M502/1 engines appeared only in 1951. However, it does not bring financial success.

In 1956, after another recent financial collapse of the corporate group, designer Albrecht Grpf Hertz creates a sensational BMW «507» with an M507/1 engine, where only 252 units were produced and is today one of the rarest and most expensive collectible cars ($ 2.4 million).

In 1959, a new, low-cost model with an air-cooled BMW 700 engine with 697ccFlattwin engine was released, of which more than 188,000 units were sold in the period of 1959-1965.

In 1962, the concept of the BMW 1500 (1499cc), a light, sporty, four-door car, was accepted in the market with such enthusiasm that the production capacity could not meet the demand.

1966 and BMW 1600-2 (M10 engine) served as the basis for 1502-2002 successful series of turbocharged models and allowed the corporate group to revive the tradition of the 30s and launch six-cylinder models. In 1968, BMW 2500 (M30B25 engine) and BMW 2800 (M30B28) models were shown, which are still found on public roads today and remind of the successful 60s for the enterprise.

1970s. The famous BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series and BMW 7 Series are introduced. In 1973, the BMW 3.0 CSLE9 coupe wins six European championships and brings to the company an unprecedented success. It was the first use of M30 engine with four valves per cylinder. And the braking system is equipped with ABS — a perfect novelty for those times.

In 1977, it was a new breakthrough in the luxury class with the appearance of the 7 series.

Since 1986, the BMWM3 has become the most successful road racing car in the world. The result was triumphant, after winning first place in 1987 by Italian Roberto Raviglia at the World Championship, BMWM3 dominated the sports scene for the next five years.

In 1987, the new BMWZ1 Roadster continued the tradition of BMW roadsters from the 30s and 50s. The same year, BMW was one of the first in the world, which uses an electronic engine power control system. And, the same year, it presents the updated 5 Series BMWE34, which, despite the large external dimensions, had a cramped interior, sharpened for the driver.

BMW enters the great 90s with a new dream for everyone — the BMW 850i with BMW M70 V12 (M70, M73, S70) and BMW M60 V8 (M60, M62) engines. Completely new, stylish car with an unsurpassed appearance, the car embodied the qualities of both sports car and a comfortable car, capable of shooting at any speed.

1995 — debut of the new 5 Series BMW E39. For the first time in a car, the chassis is entirely made of aluminum, which increases body rigidity and provides unmatched handling and comfort.

1997 — BMW introduces the M3 E36 with S50 engine. The M Roadster embodies the ideal of a pure-bred sports car, like no other BMW before with a 321 horsepower engine.

The beginning of 1999 saw the debut of the BMW X5 E53, the world’s first sports off-road recreational vehicle, powered by M54/M57/N62 engines. E70 was completed with M57/M52/N62/N55/N63/S63

2004 — the smallest BMW 1 Series with N43/N45/N46/N52/N54 engines appears.

2005 — BMW E60/E61 M5 again surprises fans with fast driving, an electronic automatic selector, and an engine start button appears.

2008 — BMWX6 E71/E72 model was created as a sportier version of the X52013 model, which added its new BMWi8 with the hybrid engine to the range of petrol and diesel cars.

2014 — BMW 2 Series appears, which has 4 body variations and a range of B38/N20/B48/N55/B58/S55/N47/B47 engines

2017 — BMW company launches full-size luxury crossover to fill the segment. Created on the platform of X5 and X6b models.

In our car service, we can carry out a full diagnostics of your BMW car, as well as make repairs using original BMW spareparts, BMWOEM Parts or duplicate BMW parts from trusted world manufacturers of spare parts.

Any diagnostics begins with reading errors both stored in memory and current ones. The BMWICOM + equipment used in our garage is also used in BMW dealerships and is fully certified to work with BMW. Always check how your car is diagnosed and trust only «BMW Specialists in Dubai», because even a simple replacement of the battery on a BMW can damage your computer or, at best, malfunction. After the end of any work, errors are read again and the old ones are deleted in order to clear the car system of unnecessary information and avoid a failure in the uniform operation of the car.

Correct diagnostics will help prolong the life of your car, save you time and money.

As for BMW engine, their undoubted power and long service life are accompanied by the need for constant scheduled maintenance, including changing only the highest quality oil, in accordance with the tolerances. Replacing spark plugs should not be delayed, since their malfunction can damage the ignition coils, which will increase the cost of repairs several times. Also look out for any drips, as combustion engines are very sensitive to oil starvation or lack of coolant and can immediately overheat and fail. In our garage, we replace gaskets, oil seals, pipes on any BMW engines with a guarantee for our work.

Above all, every BMW or Mini driver wants one thing: his car must look as long as possible as it was on the day of purchase. And despite the high quality of the paintwork, it is also subject to the influence of the sun, sand, time and requires maintenance. Our paint shop offers a wide range of services ranging from polishing, nanoceramic application, to repairing indent without painting a car in case of an accident. You can always come for a free assessment and consultation.


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Carstars Garage Dubai

Carstars garage in Dubai was founded in 2009 by expat arrived from Western Europe. We are repairing all kind of cars. We provide the best services and the best solutions to fix the car in time and save your money. All works in one place: engine repairs, transmission repairs, electrical repairs, suspension repairs etc. We work with most of European brands such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, VAG group, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others.


CARSTARS Garage offers a free carwash to each customer with every service visit. We provide deep cleaning services for free with each body restoration service. Ceramic coating is chargable, but we provide 20% discount to our loyal costumers.

Carstars Garage in Dubai is the best place to fix, repair or modify your car!

50% off for A/C System check and refill

Carstars Garage in Dubai is offering 50% discount for A/C system check up and A/C gas refill for each customer who writes a review in Google and likes our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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