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Repair of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German company specializing in the production of passenger cars and engines, founded in 1926. It is currently a subsidiary of Daimler-Benz corporate group headquartered in Stuttgart.

BMW (Bayerisch Motoren Werke AG) is one of the most popular, easily recognized and well-known automotive brands in the world, headquartered in Munich.

During this time, the most prominent engineers who created the name for the Deimler-Benz corporate group were Ferdinand Porsche, Fritz Nallinger and Hans Niebel.

The first production cars were equipped with a high-powered engine capable of developing power up to 140 hp. with a supercharger, then the displacement of this engine was increased to 7 liters, which served as the starting point for the creation of the sports car «SSK» with an engine of 170/125 hp … — the undisputed favorite of numerous sports competitions of those years.

In 1926, «Deimler Geselschaft» and «BenzundCo» merged, and the result of their union was a three-beam star, symbolizing the three elements subject to the corporate group’s machines — air, water and earth. This official emblem of Daimler Sr.’s company became common for the new corporate group, and the cars were delivered to the market under the Mercedes-Benz trademark.

In the early 1940s, the demand for luxury, powerful Mercedes cars increased sharply in Germany. They were produced by special orders for heads of state and government, high-ranking Nazis, as well as those for whom traditional cars did not seem ambitious enough, the whole Mercedes-Benz plant in Stuttgart.

After World War II, Mercedes returned to motorsport and even won «24 Hours of Le Mans» of 1952 . In 1963, the 600-model was released, which was supposed to compete in the automotive market with Rolls-Royce.

Mercedes G – class is a series of off-road vehicles. The low demand for these rather expensive cars, which are distinguished by their durability and maneuverability, entails the constancy of the design and the minimum of changes. The new generation is presented in Paris in September 2000.

In November 1979, a new generation of large sedans of the representative S-class (factory body index W126) of the Daimler-Benz corporate group was presented to the public, which were supposed to become the best cars of the 1980s, but already in May 1991 the company officially announced the termination of production of the W126 model range.

With the introduction of 190-Model (body serial number W201) in November 1982, Mercedes-Benz took the lead in the European D-class car segment. In September 1983, the long-awaited 190D premiered model. In May 1993, at the Daimler-Benz plant in Bremen, the W201 model was changed to C-class (W202) sedans.

Mercedes E – class, a series of cars of the upper middle class. First shown in 1984. A new generation appeared in 1995. In Frankfurt in 1997, a modification of E 55 AMG and V8 engine was introduced. Since 2000, the models have been equipped with 270 CDI and 320 CDI engines.

The most popular Mercedes-Benz of all time was the series with the factory body index W124. In eleven years, more than 2.7 million copies were produced. W124 four-door sedan range was introduced in November 1984 in seven engine modifications.

Mercedes SL is a luxury sports car with a roadster body with a removable roof. The model was first presented in Geneva in 1989. In 1992 the model range was replenished with a new modification — SL600. In the spring of 2001, a new generation of these machines appeared.

The debut of the S-class — W140 in Geneva in 1991 made a splash. The W140 was second to none in terms of size, luxury and capacity, and the quality of materials. The production of the much-loved «elephant» was stopped in the second half of 1998, replacing it with the newest, more compact S-klasseW220.

The second generation of small Mercedes-Benz called C-klasse (body of the factory series W202) was born in April 1993.

Mercedes-Benz SLK, a two-seater convertible roof roadster, was first presented in April 1996 in Turin. In January 2000, a model appeared with an updated design and 3.0-V6 engine. The car has received over 35 international prizes and awards.

The family of Vito trucks (Mercedes-Benz: V — class) in 1996 won the title of the best van of the year. The Sprinter family includes 9 basic models and 137 modifications.

Mercedes ML combines the essential characteristics of SUV, a minivan, an estate car and a passenger car in a multi-purpose vehicle. A family of off-road vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive are manufactured in the USA. The model was first introduced in 1997.

Since October 1997, Mercedes-Benz A-class compact car family has been successfully sold. In 2000 this family remained practically unchanged.

Mercedes-Benz CLK is a family of cars with coupe and convertible of an intermediate class between C and E, created on the basis of class C. For the first time the CLK model with a coupe body was shown in the winter of 1997 in Detroit. In 1998, convertible was added to the model range, in the summer of 1999 the design of the cars was updated.

Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR is a unique road version of «Grand Turismo» GTR racing car. Limited edition production (25 pcs.). The first performance is in November 1998.

In an effort to expand the range of products, the company launched a completely new car — Smart economy car «Swatch Mercedes Art».

1998 — Merger of Daimler-Benz AG corporate group and Chrysler Corporation Company.

Mercedes Vision SLR Roadster Concept, a two-seater sports car, was first introduced in Detroit in July 1999. The model is used in Formula 1 racing.

Mercedes Vision SLA Concept, roadster of compact class. Presented as a concept model at the 2000 Geneva Motor Show.

2005 saw the launch of the new S- and CL-class models, W221 and C216 vehicles. New models showcased a fresh look on the brand’s appearance. The exterior was distinguished by elements in «retro» style (wide wheel arches and larger volumes), the interior has noticeably increased in volume. The car was equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Flagship models of the series are the S65 and CL65 AMG models with powerful V12 engines.

In 2013, the Mercedes-Benz W221 was replaced by a new generation of S-class — Mercedes-Benz W222. The presentation of the car took place on May 15, 2013 in Hamburg.

List of corporate group’s engines

Mercedes-Benz is still at the top of the automotive industry as it was 100 years ago. By making high-quality cars and engines, the stellar corporate group with the famous brand in the form of a three-pointed star has consistently maintained a leading position in the automotive industry and a high competitiveness for a century. As an example of reliability, quality and elegance, this brand can be found on the streets of any city, and a rich history continues the race of collectors and restorers for the old models of the corporate group.

However, despite all of the above, the company also has to move with evolution and environmental regulations, which affects the complexity of the design, diagnostic difficulties and high maintenance costs.

In our «Hammerhead Auto Specialists» car service, we use only professional Mercedes Star diagnostic equipment, which is used by dealers around the world. And our vast experience in the repair and maintenance of this brand allows us to identify the problem and eliminate the malfunction in the shortest possible time.

When installing original Mercedes spare parts, you can always be sure of the durability of their work and the guarantee for our repair.

But like everything in this world does not last forever, so a Mercedes requires regular maintenance, including the replacement of oil, filters, spark plugs, brake pads, as well as a complete check of all components and assemblies.

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