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Engine repair

Based on the experience of interaction with various engine breakdowns, our specialists came to the conclusion: when using cars in hot climates, the maintenance-free operation terms declared by the manufacturer are significantly reduced. Often, an additional factor in reducing these terms is the manner of driving a vehicle.

Typical causes of engine failure are:

• Violation of the terms and requirements for scheduled maintenance of the car;

• Use of unsuitable fuel and/or oil, replacement of parts with low-quality analogues;

• Overheating of the engine caused by a lack of coolant or oil;

• Failure or extreme wear of rubbing parts;

• Independent minor repairs performed unprofessionally;

• Aggressive driving, frequent loads, excessively intensive use, etc.

In order to avoid serious breakdowns and the need for overhaul of the engine, drivers are advised to take the car for diagnostics at the first sign of a malfunction. Problems identified at an early stage of development, as a rule, are eliminated quickly and do not entail large financial losses. Running problems lead to an increase in deviations, affect adjacent parts and assemblies, and can cause destruction of mechanisms. In such cases, an expensive and lengthy overhaul of the car engine will be required, or a complete replacement of the motor.

When engine diagnostics and repairs are required


Car owners should regularly check the oil level and the performance of all vehicle systems, be attentive to any atypical behavior or changes in the engine state.

It is recommended to undergo engine diagnostics in the presence of one or several points:

• Oil consumption has increased significantly;

• The traction performance of the motor has decreased;

• Carbon deposits appeared on plugs;

• During engine operation, knocks and other extraneous sounds are heard;

• Oil leakage is observed;

• The exhaust of an atypical color appeared;

• The «Check Engine» indicator lights up.

What is engine repair?

Engine repairs can range from minor to major. It all depends on the degree of wear of parts, the type of parts, the timeliness of detecting breakdowns, etc. The price of car engine repair depends on the amount of work required to restore the unit.

In auto repair shops, ICE repairs have the following classification:

  • Current, involving small work to eliminate faults and replace consumables;
  • Medium, involving the removal or partial disassembly of the motor with the replacement of some parts;
  • Major, involving the removal and disassembly of the engine, replacement or restoration of a large number of parts.
  • After major repair, the engine is updated to the factory settings.

Stages of engine repair

Work aimed at restoring the engine is carried out in stages using specialized professional equipment. So, for the repair of gasoline engines, as well as diesel engines, the following are used:

  • Autoscanners connected to the engine ECU;
  • Stroboscopes to determine the correct setting of the ignition moment;
  • Endoscopes — optical devices that allow you to determine the place of failure without disassembling the motor;
  • Gas analyzers to determine the composition of the exhaust and other equipment.

At the diagnostic stage, the mechanical state of the engine, the tightness of all its components are determined, problems with the ignition, starter, ECU, generator, battery are identified, the quality of fuel combustion and the presence or absence of signs of engine overheating are checked.

After diagnostics, it becomes clear which unit is to be repaired, as well as the need for complete/partial disassembly of the engine, or the absence of such a need.

During the middle and overhaul of diesel engines and gasoline engines, the following works are performed:

  • Removing the engine;
  • Disassembly;
  • Troubleshooting of units;
  • Installation of new parts to replace the damaged ones;
  • Cleaning or restoration of parts (if necessary);
  • Assembly of the engine;
  • Installation of the motor in place;
  • Tuning and diagnostics of engine operation.

In cases where it is impossible or impractical to repair the internal combustion engine, the car owner may be offered to replace it, which can be carried out with a new or used engine. All performed work

 related to the restoration of the engine is guaranteed.


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Carstars Garage Dubai

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