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Transmission repair

The transmission is one of the most expensive and complex systems of any car, it needs regular diagnostics and maintenance, therefore, at the first suspicion of a malfunction, it is recommended to contact the service center

So, the gearbox is:

  • Automatic;
  • Robotic;
  • Variator, it is stepless.

Automatic transmissions appeared on cars after the war: the first serial Buick «on autopilot» was released in 1947. The principle of operation of an automatic transmission is notable for the fact that gear shifting occurs due to the interaction of planetary mechanisms and a hydromechanical drive using electronic actuators.

The robotic transmission is an evolutionary continuation of the development of the manual transmission. The robot, essentially, is a manual transmission in which the clutch release and gear shifting are performed by two servos controlled by an electronic unit. This type of box conventionally combined all the positive aspects of a manual transmission and the convenience of a machine.

The first prototype of a robotic box was created by Adolf Kegress in 1939. He thought of the dual-clutch transmission, but the further development of this promising invention stopped due to financial difficulties.

Volkswagen engineers ventured back to development and later serial production only in 2003, having installed a preselective transmission on the sports version of the Golf model. Until now, the VAG corporate group is actively promoting this type of boxes of its models.


But there is a third type that has become popular on motor vehicles and Japanese cars — a variator. Experiments with variators were carried out back in the 50s by DAF company, and a little later by Volvo, but Japanese automakers, primarily Subaru and Nissan, showed massive interest.

The variator does not have gears at all. The change in gear ratios occurs continuously and constantly, regardless of whether the car is slowing down or accelerating. The main advantage of such boxes is comfort when moving around the city. The absence of steps gives a smooth ride, and when driving in heavy traffic, the gearbox does not «rush» between the first and second gears, which reduces wear on the gearbox and engine parts. In addition, fuel consumption is reduced: the engine does not need to spin up to high engine speeds in order to shift up.

In what cases is transmission repair necessary?

The most critical sign of a transmission malfunction is obstructed movement, or the car simply cannot move. Also, signs of a transmission breakdown may be:

  • Arbitrary switching off the transmission;

When changing gears, you need to make a lot of effort;

Extraneous vibrations, grinding, noises occur;

Transmission fluid leaks or discoloration.

Causes of transmission breakdown

  1. During operation, the fluid level in the transmission may drop as a result of leakage through the connections. In case of untimely topping up of fluid, a transmission breakdown may occur.
  2. Incorrect car operation at low temperatures. For example, the transmission is exposed to significant loads without warming up the car, with thickened lubricant.
  3. Incorrect vehicle operation — sharp acceleration and braking, towing heavy trailers, prolonged slipping, etc.

The main elements of the transmission

The transmission is a combination of several mechanisms that represent one single system:

  • Gearbox;
  • transfer case and power take-off;
  • clutch;
  • cardan and main gear;
  • differential;
  • hinges;
  • mechatronic;
  • sprung.

Over time, these elements can wear out, metal in places of increased stress can deform. Accordingly, if they are faulty, then an urgent repair of the car’s transmission will be required.

Why you should contact professionals

Professional service centers offer transmission maintenance and repair services. These events are complex and responsible, so they should be trusted exclusively by professionals.

Specialists will perform high-quality and prompt diagnostics and repair of transmissions of various brands. Among the advantages of contacting professionals is the availability of special knowledge, specialized expensive equipment and work experience.

For example, by contacting Hammerhead Auto Specialists, you can use services for:

  • Replacement of the clutch;
  • Gearbox repair;
  • Replacement of crosspieces on cardan shafts;
  • Replacement of working and master clutch cylinders;
  • Oil change in automatic transmission, manual transmission;
  • Replacement of drives and anthers of CV joints;
  • Replacement of the valve block.

Transmission repair includes a number of stages:

  • Diagnostics of the transmission condition;
  • Removal of the checkpoint;
  • Transmission repair, including: check point disassembly and troubleshooting, check point repair and assembly, check valve blocks;
  • Installation of the checkpoint;
  • Re-diagnostics of transmission operation.

Caring for the transmission is one of the prerequisites for the safe and long-term operation of the car. Service is recommended to be carried out in professional service centers and at intervals of 60,000-80,000 km, depending on the type of automatic transmission.


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